Mission World Wide Web Information Pack

This information pack is for teachers who are running the Mission World Wide Web activity. This pack explains the key concepts of the World Wide Web and Wood Wide Web. It also includes information on online safety, and a handy glossary for key

Examples of areas covered:

  • How are devices connected to the internet?
  • What information is sent through the internet?
  • Can all emails be trusted?
  • Why are passwords so important? 
  • How are the world wide web and wood wide web similar?

If you haven't already - sign up to the activity here to get a free Mission Resource Pack which includes an A3 poster, stickers, 35 agent cards and a Detective Dot Adventure book for your class!*


*Please note we have a limited number of our free Mission Resource Packs, they are given on a first come first serve basis for UK primary schools. 


Download (269 kb)
  • Age groups: 7-11s
  • Subjects: Computing, Mathematics, Science
  • Topics: Other