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Energy saving

We are having a competition for the best energy saving poster. The winning poster will be displayed around the school. Eco Council are excited about Switch off fortnight. We have lots of ideas & will be doing spot checks & have incentives for energy saving!

Maria | 21st Oct 2017

St Edward's Catholic Primary School

Our Reception class have enjoyed working together as a team to create a bug hotel in our playground. We talked about the different types of materials we needed and used pallets to create structure of the hotel. We then filled the pallets with old newspaper, bricks, bubble wrap, twigs, broken plant pots and straw to create a cosy home for the bugs to live in. The roof of the hotel was then filled with soil so we could grow herbs and strawberries too! Some bugs have already settled into their new home and we have been excitedly each day.

Caroline | 19th Oct 2017

What's under your feet

Today we dug for worms it was fun and exciting,One team found 28 worms and the other 13 worms. We are going to be bird watching later this week.The longest worm named Steve!! was 11cm.

Sharon | 16th Oct 2017

Who knew there were so many wriggly things under our feet?

We had a great day exploring what's under our feet with all of our year groups. The children (and staff) very excited about this practical science. Already looking forward to the next phase in March.

Mark | 11th Oct 2017

Whats Under Our Feet In Every Day Life?!?!

On Monday, we took part in the whats under your feet week. we enjoyed digging up the invertibrates however we only found one type, the earthworm. We also enjoyed measuring the worms as they were very wiggly and we found about 20grams. The longest one we found was 10.5cm and the the smallest was 0.3cm. We were going to have another dig today however the weather was terrible.

Jane | 11th Oct 2017

what was under our feet

Yesterday we chose a test site on our school playing field.It was wet and soggy due to all the recent heavy rainfalls. We dug a 30cm square and lifted it onto a white tray then we looked through it to see what invertivabrates we could find. We only found worms however it was tricky to measure them because they wriggled and squirmed. We have decided to do a second test site in a drier area. We can't wait to try again tommorrow as we enjoyed experimenting,Eventhough we got muddy.

Jane | 10th Oct 2017

Whats under your feet???

We are getting geared up to find out whats under our feet on Friday 13th October! Looking forward to measuring our invertabrates and to be part of this amazing Eco/Science experiment... The Eco team would love to hear what other school think, around the country???

cannisha | 10th Oct 2017

What's Under the feet of Ferndown's children?

Today Year 2 children completed their Autumn dig as part of the 'What's Under Your Feet?' project. They threw a pencil into a space on the school field and marked out a square. The teacher then dug up the square and tipped it onto a tray. The children then searched for soil invertebrates and recorded them on a sheet. Then they measured the length of the earth worms that they found. Finally they put all the creatures and grass back where they belong.

Amy | 9th Oct 2017



Bethany | 6th Oct 2017