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Switch Off Fortnight Energy Audit Results

St Edward’s have taken part in the Switch off Fortnight campaign and over the fortnight the results show that we could save 1385kWh in a year if we keep focusing on saving energy. Well done to all the students who have taken part. We are very proud of all the Eco warriors at St Edward’s!

Caroline | 10th Dec 2017

Energy Audit results

We have taken part in Switch off fortnight and over the fortnight the results show that we could save 1562kWh in a year if we keep up the good work! Very proud of all the students who have been working so hard to switch on to switching off!

Lesley | 8th Dec 2017

Book your free school visit from the Cheshire Waste Reduction Volunteers!

Schools in the Cheshire West and Chester area can book a visit from a waste reduction volunteer for free! You can book an assembly, class session or afterschool club workshop in waste reduction. Topics include composting, recycling, food waste and or compost critters. Contact to book the volunteers at your school!

Margaret | 8th Dec 2017

Tree Dressing Day.

During ‘National Tree Week’, Key Stage 1 pupils created a ‘Thank You’ Tree. We wrote a simple thank you message on scraps of materials and tied them on a tree.

Barbara | 7th Dec 2017

Super savings in Switch it off fortnight.

WOW! Our switch it off week audit shows we saved nearly 6kwh a day just by switching off chargers, lights and projectors when they weren't i use. Great work by our Green Light Eco team.

Jodie | 6th Dec 2017

Newton Eco Warriors!!!! Helping to save ENERGY for our environment :)

Newton Primary in Porthcawl have enjoyed taking part in Switch Off Fortnight !!! Our Eco Committee have taken over running the campaign. They have taken Assemblies on how to save energy and help our environment. They have been giving out stickers, dojo points and certificates to children making an effort to switch off lights, computers, close doors etc. There are posters all around the school encouraging everyone to take part and make a really BIG effort. WELL DONE OUR ECO WARRIORS !!!

lisa | 5th Dec 2017

Renewables in the developing world

Some of our Y9 English pupils created posters of what they learnt from this exercise

Gail | 5th Dec 2017

Saving Energy!!!!!

We have visited many classrooms and some teachers say they turn their lights off sometimes and some said they did turn them off but do we know for sure......

James | 5th Dec 2017

Dr Hui's wind power lesson

Dr Hui completed a lesson on renewable power with his Y9 Science class. They watched the video and then compelted the wind power work sheets.

Gail | 5th Dec 2017