Pod Team

Find out more about the Pod team and the work they do to bring all of the resources to life.

Meet the team


Robyn is 'Mummy Pod' - she's been working on the Pod since the very beginning and is very passionate about it. She loves her job as Digital Education Programme Manager as it means she gets to channel her creativity, from thinking of new ideas to seeing them developed and launched on the Pod, and hearing what teachers and students think of them. She also enjoys that she gets to work with lots of interesting people across EDF Energy and our partner organisations, like the Met Office and the BTO. Robyn's favourite character is Busta - he's a cheeky monkey with quite a naughty sense of humour!


Anyone who’s played the Power Patrol game will know Education Specialist Emily well – she’s at the top of the leaderboard (she's been banned from entering high scores now!). And, although she's at the top of Power Patrol, her favourite Pod resource is Greedy Guzzlers because it's fun and everyone is always surprised by the order of the most energy-guzzling appliances. Emily is a big fan of upcycling, and if she could make anything she wanted with recycled plastic bottles, it would be a greenhouse to grow tomatoes. She’s conscious of her household’s energy usage, but with a 3-year-old who loves playing in the mud, she couldn’t do without her washing machine!


Jane is a Pod veteran, having worked on it as an Education Specialist for over 7 years. Her favourite resources are all to do with climate science, because they really help explain why sustainability is so important (and working with the Met office to produce them is always interesting!). Even Pod superstars have their weaknesses though, and Jane's Greedy Guzzler is, without a doubt, her kettle, as she drinks countless cups of peppermint tea. However, she finds herself finding new ways to make small improvements with the Pod, like learning during Waste Week that she could put her vacuum cleaner dust and tumble dryer fluff in her compost bin.


Education specialist Izzy has worked on The Pod for over two years now and it’s reinforced for her just how important sustainability is. She loves that The Pod can show everyone – not just young people – about the changes we can make in our daily lives that really do make a difference. Izzy says she tries to reduce waste by planning meals in advance, and buying fruit and veg without packaging whenever she can. She admits she can’t do without her kettle though! And what about the big Pod question – does she like Busta, Pong or Zingy best? ... Busta (sorry Zingy!) - it's all about his adventures with Pong exploring energy and waste!