Mini Beast Mission

Take the Mini Beast Mission – a race against the clock to collect and sort lots of realistic-looking woodlouse, worms and more! 

Best played in full screen mode - answer questions to earn extra points or time. Think carefully about sorting the bugs, as you'll get more points for identifying and sorting them correctly. 

Need an extra challenge? Why not try the Mini Beast Mission take home sheet

If you're interested in mini beasts and biodiversity, check out our citizen science campaign What's Under Your Feet? 2019/20. Now in it's fourth year, this exciting activity encourages children to investigate the world around them and contributes to an experiment being run by the Brtitish Trust for Ornithology, into the impact of climate on the availability of invertebrates and UK birds. 

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  • Age groups: 4-7s, 7-11s
  • Subjects: Science
  • Topics: Biodiversity