Our curriculum-linked campaigns are the most popular feature of the Pod. They get the whole school working together and inspired to take action. They can also be led by students, which is an essential criterion for an Eco-School Award.

We have lots of resources to make taking part easy, fun, impactful and rewarding. Join in and put your school on our campaign map.

What's Under Your Feet? 2018/19

Our exciting citizen science campaign is back for another year! 

Help scientists at the British Trust for Ornithology understand the relationship between climate, the availability of invertebrates and how this impacts UK bird numbers and their migration patterns.

It’s easy to take part and children will love being citizen scientists and working outside of the classroom. 

What do you need to do?

  1. Sign up to take part 
  2. Conduct a dig and soil/invertebrate survey in June*
  3. Upload your data to the Pod here 

Already got your lesson plan, assembly and information pack? Find the Invertebrate Survey Sheet here. 

*Prize Draw* Schools who submit data for any of the digs in WUYF 2018/19 will be entered to win a camera nest box and other goodies..! Find out more

*You can take part any time in June. 

798 Schools/groups have already signed up

Switch Off Fortnight 2019

Our long running energy saving campaign is back 18-29th November. It can not only help teach young people about energy, but could also help your school to cut carbon, save money and achieve and Eco-School award too!

It’s fun, rewarding, measurable and easy to take part in with our curriculum linked resources.

We have a limited number of campaign packs - one per school, on a first come first served basis. Packs will be sent in the autumn term to arrive in plenty of time for Switch Off Fortnight.

(Average energy saving for schools that have run Switch Off Fortnight is 10%)

98 Schools/groups have already signed up
1 Local Authorities have already signed up

Mission World Wide Web

Take part in Mission World Wide Web at any time that suits your school!

The Pod has teamed up with award winning EdTech - Bright Little Labs, to create a curriculum-linked internet safety campaign for primary schools.

Go on a top secret mission with Detective Dot (a 9 year old coding whizz) to find out more about the World Wide Web and its natural equivalent - the Wood Wide Web! If that isn't exciting enough -  students have the opportunity to join the The Children's Intelligence Agency!* 

The activity includes a lesson plan, assembly PPT, information pack, activity sheets and top secret recruitment letter from the CIA*!

Plus - we have a limited number of Mission Resource Packs to give away to UK primary schools which include the Detective Dot book, stickers and CIA cards!*

Don't miss out... find out more and sign up for the mission!

368 Schools/groups have already signed up

Waste Week 2019

Waste Week took place in March this year and is now closed - thank you to all of the schools, community groups and local authorities that took part! 

Don't forget to complete your end waste audit so that you can measure the impact of your campaign and share it with the whole school. 

Continue your waste saving journey with our curriculum linked Waste resources which are available all year round! 


1833 Schools/groups have already signed up
13 Local Authorities have already signed up

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