Watt Can You Power? - lesson plan 4-7s

In this activity students discover ‘people power’. They investigate the fact that people generate power when they exercise. They calculate their own power output and compare it to that of a professional athlete.

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  • Age groups: 4-7s
  • Subjects: Mathematics, Science, PSE
  • Topics: Energy

Curriculum links




Multiplication and division



Number, money and measure

Number and number processes

  • I can use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division when solving problems, making best use of the mental strategies and written skills I have
    developed. (MNU 1-03a)


  • I have experimented with everyday items as units of measure to investigate and compare sizes and amounts in my environment, sharing my findings
    with others. (MNU 0-11a)


Planet Earth

Energy sources and sustainability

  • I have experienced, used and described a wide range of toys and common appliances. I can say ‘what makes it go’ and say what they do when
    they work. (SCN 0-04a)




Pupils should be given opportunities to:

  • develop flexible methods of working with numbers, both orally and mentally, and record in a variety of ways, including those that relate to
    their mental work
  • use a variety of practical resources and contexts to help them develop understanding of numbers and solve simple problems
  • use calculators and computer software, including a database, both as a means of exploring number and as tools for calculating with realistic data, e.g.
    numbers with several digits


Physical processes: Electricity

Pupils should be taught:

  • that many everyday appliances use electricity and that they should be used with care

Northern Ireland

Mathematics and Numeracy

Number: Operations and their applications

Pupils should be enabled to:

  • understand the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (without remainders) and use them to solve problems

The World Around Us

Movement and Energy

Pupils should be enabled to explore:

  • sources of energy in the world
  • how and why people and animals move
  • changes in movement and energy over time