A BIG thank you to everyone who took part in Waste Week 2021!


We are delighted to say that a total of 653 schools took part in this year’s campaign with children all over the UK, and even as far as Turkey, cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst learning about the issue of food waste and how it is affecting climate change.

So, if you were one of the 653 schools, we’d like to say, ‘thank you’ and hope that you enjoyed taking part!

As part of this year’s campaign, we launched the Great Busta Bake competition inviting students to get creative with their potential food waste by turning it into delicious dishes.

Congratulations to Nether Green Junior School whose pupils whisked, baked, poached, and fried their way to becoming our winning school.

Also, we would like to extend our congratulations to the following pupils whose recipes will be making it into our Busta Cookbook*

  • Abbie
  • Abigail, Balmalloch Primary School
  • Alex, Aged 6, Hayesdown First School
  • Alexandra, Yr 4, Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School
  • Ali, Vakıfbank Atatürk Secondary School, Turkey
  • Amelie, Aged 8, Chetwynd Junior School
  • Amy, Year 7, Nunnery Wood High School
  • Annastazia, Dover College
  • Bella, Hayesdown First School
  • Ben & Rachel, Hayesdown first School
  • Charlie, Chatburn CoE Primary School
  • Dorothy, Aged 7, Wentworth Primary School
  • Eleanor, Holbrook Primary School
  • Elizabeth, Aged 8, Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary School
  • Eren, Dronfield Junior School
  • Erin, Dronfield Junior School
  • Fraser, Hayesdown First School
  • Freya, Nether Green Junior School
  • Grace, Year 7, Whitchurch High School
  • Harry, aged 9, Dronfield Junior School
  • Harry, Badgers class, Hayesdown First School
  • Herbie, Nether Green Junior School
  • Isaac, Nether Green Junior School
  • Isabella, Nether Green Junior School
  • Jacob, Hayesdown First School
  • Jaidee, Notley Green Primary School
  • Jake, aged 9, Dronfield Junior School
  • Jasmine, St Martins School
  • Jasmine, aged 11, Whitchurch High School
  • Jax, Hethersett Woodside Primary School
  • Jenny & Jake
  • Keira, aged 11, Cawston Grange Primary School
  • Lucy, Dronfield Junior School
  • Maisie, aged 8, Woodstone Community Primary
  • Marcel, Great Chart Primary School
  • Niamh, aged 8, Our Ladies Bishop Eton School
  • Nuha, Palfrey Junior School
  • Remi, Coaltown of Balgonie Primary School
  • Safiyah, aged 8, Palfrey Junior School
  • Sam, Hayesdown First School
  • Samuel, aged 8, Holbrook Primary School
  • Siena, St Martin’s School
  • Sofia, Year 4, Giles Brook Primary school
  • Sophie, aged 9, Holbrook Primary School
  • Sophie
  • Theo, Dronfield Junior School
  • Theodore, Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary School
  • Tilisa, Nether Green Junior School
  • Toby, aged 7, Hayesdown First School


*The Busta Cookbook will be available as a digital download and all winning students will be sent a copy to keep.