The Plastic Planet Poster Challenge


Help beat plastic pollution by taking part in the Plastic Planet Challenge

Get your creative hats on this week and inject a little art and design into your classrooms! 

The Pod are inviting you to enter a new competition run by Wastebuster UK (a non-profit social enterprise). Wastebuster team up with various organisations, Governments and the United Nations to bring insight and engaging multimedia education to the fingertips of young people. Their aim is to encourage children and teachers to adopt pro-environmental behaviours like reducing waste and recycling effectively, to shape a sustainable future for generations to come.

How does the Plastic Planet Challenge work?

1. Teach your pupils about plastic pollution using our Plastics Information Pack. There are heaps of other resources to engage them in the topic on The Pod and Wastebuster Global.

2. Invite your pupils to create a poster to encourage people not to litter and to recycle more plastic, to help beat plastic pollution. Posters must be images only (no text or titles).

3. Select 1 winner per age group in your school (5-7/8-11). Take a photograph of their design or scan the image and submit your entries by clicking the button below (before midnight on 5th July 2018).

A winning poster design will be nominated in each age category (5-7/8-11) from all school entries.

To ENTER, scroll to the bottom of the Wastebuster Global page and click Enter.

Winning designs will be printed on refillable plastic bottles for your school

These designs will be used to create a customised design for refillable BPA-free plastic bottle. The winning schools will each receive 50 customised bottles. The bottles could be used as rewards for pupils or sold to raise funds for more school projects and resources that help beat plastic pollution.

The challenge was launched on UN World Environment Day, 5th June and runs until midnight on the 5th July 2018.

Winners will be notified by the 10th July.

Young people who put their posters up at home (after judging) and send in a photo of it to Busta from Wastebuster, have a chance to earn a special certificate. Scroll to the bottom of the Wastebuster Global page (to Ocean Protecter Certificates) to see more details and enter your poster image.

Read full terms and conditions here.

Have fun!