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We took part in Switch Off Fortnight as part of our Science lessons. We wanted to save energy because if we are not careful, global warming will get worse so the ice caps will melt and there will be lots more floods! We save energy by switching off lights, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances and computers. We made posters to tell the younger and older ones how they can save energy. We did a survey of the whole school, counting appliances and putting stickers on switches saying "Not using me? Switch me off" from EDF energy. Some of us sent quizzes to the Junior classes. Junior 6a did the best. J4 turned all their lights off. We noticed that the J1 teacher was working with her lights turned off. At home, we counted how many units of energy we were using by reading our electricity meters. Some of us focussed on having shorter showers. Other people concentrated on switching off lights and chargers. We all made a pledge to keep doing an energy saving action even after Switch Off Fortnight. By Rebecca and Cordelia with J6b

Posted by: Joanne on 4th December 2017

Continuing on our exciting adventure

This week Transition (S) Science (P7) gave J4, J5 and J6 a lesson called ‘use less stuff’. We soon discovered that being a teacher is hard and we had to step up our game. We think our lessons were good because the Juniors learned lots about waste and how it affects planet Earth. They also came up with lots of ideas on how to reduce the amount of rubbish they make. We gave upcycled prizes to those with the best ideas. The lessons were fun but it was also challenging. We had to try really hard not to look at our notes and to look at the audience. Firstly we did the lesson on Monday to Junior 5 and Junior 4 and then on Thursday to Junior 6. We showed the classes two videos, one of them was called Busta’s recycling film ( Then we showed them another video of an American man who carried all his waste with him wherever he went ( ) . Some of us copied this for the week. Now that our mission is complete, its in all our hands to save the world By Tara Mathewson, Emily Morris and Elise Graham-Marr Comments on the waste week experience from transition about what they learned or enjoyed: “We throw away 2 million TV’s a year in the UK” “I’m gonna try and use less wrappered stuff and eat more fruit” “I realised that I use a lot of packets and cling film. I also learnt a lot from playing the games on the pod.” “Every house wastes a 1/5 of the food they buy”. “I enjoyed putting posters up around the school”. “I liked the reactions we got when teaching the class”. “I enjoyed giving stickers to the J4 and 5 because they always said thank you”. “I enjoyed teaching the classes because they listened and they had good answers”.

Posted by: Beaconhurst Transition (S) Science on 16th March 2017

The beginning of an exciting adventure

Last week, 27th February, our Transition (S) science class started an exciting project to reduce the amount of rubbish people are producing. We went to Room 62 to play some games on The Pod and really enjoyed playing 13 Squander Street, We then discussed ideas as to what to do and came up with such things as filling up bags of rubbish we produce and carrying it around for a week and up-cycling rubbish and making it into something new. On the 2nd March we began to research and chose roles; Elise Newall, Emma Carman, Emma Keith and Heather Hale as the presenters, Elise Graham-Marr, Tara Mathewson and Emily Morris as Campaign Managers and Oliver Hunter, Luke Haughton, Flynn Andrew and Sophia Hardstaff-Winstanley as up-cyclers. The presenters started by planning with Dr. Fraser and then moved on to work independently on planning the lesson they are having with the junior school. The campaign managers had a chat with Dr. Fraser about how to make people interested in waste week and to get involved. The up-cyclers started to make their crafts as prizes for the junior school. This week, 6th March, we are continuing on with our work. From putting up posters to decorating bottles, Transition is very excited to show you what we have done and hope you will even get involved. By Elise Graham Marr

Posted by: Beaconhurst Transition (S) Science on 6th March 2017