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Harvest Festival

For our Harvest Festival .which the Mayor came to today, our budding gardeners have donated some of thier harvest from our gardens. Later we will be selling the produce to gain more money for gardening projects later in the year. Like willow huts.

Posted by: Bernice on 4th October 2021

Community Litter Pick with the Council

On Friday 30th September 2021 our Eco Warriors did their first community litter pick with Ashley Roscoe Environmental Projects Co-Ordinator Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council. they did so well a neighbour in the street outside the school donated a large tub of Roses for them to share with each other.

Posted by: Bernice on 4th October 2021

Recycling Crisps packets

We are starting our Eco Warriors off this year with a recycling experience fromTerracycle. We are recycling all crisp packets and hopefully gaining points which we can then exchange for money towards our gardening.

Posted by: Bernice on 4th October 2021

Making a difference in the community

Our Y3 class have done a community litter pick in the street outside our school. They are campaigning for more litter bins to be put in Chesterton and more big recycling bins to be placed in car parks. The street is the cleanest it has been for a long while. They will be writing to the council to hopefully persuade them to put more bins in Chesterton.

Posted by: Bernice on 13th September 2019

Snowdrops for Spring

Year 1 have started their Eco lessons with planting Snowdrops under our Christmas trees at the front of our school. They learned about what parts the Snowdrop has and what makes it grow. We can not wait to see their little white flowers in the spring.

Posted by: Bernice on 13th September 2019

Switch it off

We as a new council are renewing signs and doing our jobs to switch off unnecessary lights and computer screens in school through out the day. We will do a chart of our usage and a check list of our classes lights etc.., We aim to reduce our usuage through the winter months by switching off monitors for lights and computers with prizes for the best energy savers. Watch this space.

Posted by: Chesterton Primary on 7th October 2014