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Our garden group along with our Eco group have been growing veg and sharing the proceeds with our community. Even the rabbits love our garden they ate all the broad beans at the bottom of the plant. Now we are selling some plants to raise funds for next years seeds and bulbs. So far we have raised £50. An addition to this the children have learnt about growing plants and love every minuit .

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Save the wild life

Three times a year we invite Hoglets Wildlife people to come in to school with animals they are saving to educate our children about them. We do a raffle everytime and the proceeds go towards helping to keep the animals and the children get a chance of a litle prize too. We are a site where hedgehogs can be released and so far we have had 4 hedgehogs who now live in the surrounding areas. The children love Andy Honman coming and this week he is coming with baby ducks, geese etc.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Big Battery Hunt

As a whole school we got on board with recycling batteries. We recycled 25,000 and one of our children won the monthly prize of an ipad. It was a great way to tell the children about how batteries damage our environment. Now we have set up a perminant recycling of batteries for all year in our school with the children taking the lead. Sorting and counting and taking to our nearest local Coop store.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Crisp clear up

Again we collected crisp packets to keep them from ending up in the ground. All classes were involved and a lesson was done on how to recycle them and why. This was a Walkers initative and we gave our crisp collection to another local school to team up.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Litter community pick

We did a big litter pick teice with our local counicil to clear the streets outside the school and looking at what we found have aksed for more waste bins to be placed along the street. As with the parents and children going in and out of school lots of rubbish was plastic pop bottles and sweet wrappers. This time we had help from a Womble....Orinoco.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Harvest Festival

For our Harvest Festival .which the Mayor came to today, our budding gardeners have donated some of thier harvest from our gardens. Later we will be selling the produce to gain more money for gardening projects later in the year. Like willow huts.

Posted by: Bernice on 4th October 2021

Community Litter Pick with the Council

On Friday 30th September 2021 our Eco Warriors did their first community litter pick with Ashley Roscoe Environmental Projects Co-Ordinator Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council. they did so well a neighbour in the street outside the school donated a large tub of Roses for them to share with each other.

Posted by: Bernice on 4th October 2021

Recycling Crisps packets

We are starting our Eco Warriors off this year with a recycling experience fromTerracycle. We are recycling all crisp packets and hopefully gaining points which we can then exchange for money towards our gardening.

Posted by: Bernice on 4th October 2021

Making a difference in the community

Our Y3 class have done a community litter pick in the street outside our school. They are campaigning for more litter bins to be put in Chesterton and more big recycling bins to be placed in car parks. The street is the cleanest it has been for a long while. They will be writing to the council to hopefully persuade them to put more bins in Chesterton.

Posted by: Bernice on 13th September 2019