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Recycle to Read

Children at Chesterton Primary have started the recycling of 400 batteries this week for a chance to have books to read. These are the fabulous children who will now be put in for this months competittion to win the prizes.

Posted by: Bernice on 9th June 2023

Pot People

The Salvation Army in Chesterton had a community competition to make scarecrows. We decided to make 3 pot people so they could be planted up afterwards and used in the garden. For the competition we did each pot with recycling in mand and each one had a theme. Plastic bottles, Paper and plastic bags. The eco warriors enjoyed making them and are going to make more smaller ones to sell to our parents for the garden to raise funds for Hoglets and seeds for the garden gang.

Posted by: Bernice on 25th April 2023

Helping our spikey friends.

We have had Hoglets who are a hedgehog charity visiting our school twice so far this year. Once in October and again recently in March. They visit every class in the school and do a lesson/game to inform our pupils about wild life. Not just hedgehogs. We have had owls, ferrets and hedgehogs visiting with them. The pupils love when they come and enjoy and learn so much about the wildlife in our area. They will be visiting again in June. We do a raffle everytime they come and the Eco Warriors raise much needed funds for the charity. We are also a designated area to release hedgehogs and have 2 houses for them. We have had 3 hedgehogs so far released in our grounds.

Posted by: Bernice on 24th April 2023

Continuing the Womble experience

We did a litter pick with our local council and a Womble Orinoco. This will be 1 of 3 we will do through the year and we have requested a litter bin outside the school as our street has none. Like last year our Eco Warriors did a stirling job and the street was cleared.

Posted by: Bernice on 24th April 2023

Community litter pick

Our Eco Warriors teamed up with the PSO's in the village to do a litter pick in the street just outside of the school. We monitored what rubbish we collected and found out that it was mostly drinks bottles, sweet papers and cans. So in our class dojo we reminded our families that around our school we have 4 litter bins and praised our warriors for their efforts. This we hope will give everyone a sense of community and pride.

Posted by: Bernice on 24th April 2023

Share the love

Our garden group along with our Eco group have been growing veg and sharing the proceeds with our community. Even the rabbits love our garden they ate all the broad beans at the bottom of the plant. Now we are selling some plants to raise funds for next years seeds and bulbs. So far we have raised £50. An addition to this the children have learnt about growing plants and love every minuit .

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Save the wild life

Three times a year we invite Hoglets Wildlife people to come in to school with animals they are saving to educate our children about them. We do a raffle everytime and the proceeds go towards helping to keep the animals and the children get a chance of a litle prize too. We are a site where hedgehogs can be released and so far we have had 4 hedgehogs who now live in the surrounding areas. The children love Andy Honman coming and this week he is coming with baby ducks, geese etc.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Big Battery Hunt

As a whole school we got on board with recycling batteries. We recycled 25,000 and one of our children won the monthly prize of an ipad. It was a great way to tell the children about how batteries damage our environment. Now we have set up a perminant recycling of batteries for all year in our school with the children taking the lead. Sorting and counting and taking to our nearest local Coop store.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022

Crisp clear up

Again we collected crisp packets to keep them from ending up in the ground. All classes were involved and a lesson was done on how to recycle them and why. This was a Walkers initative and we gave our crisp collection to another local school to team up.

Posted by: Bernice on 7th July 2022