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Switch off Fortnight

We took part in Switch off Fortnight in Eden P.S. for two weeks in November, however we missed getting our energy audits uploaded. We find that the School is better at switching off lights when compared with last year. We have light monitors in p4-7 and the children in P1-3 remind teachers to turn lights off when they are needed. It was pleasing to find that smart boards were off in many classes. Unfortunately our computers were on in the ICT suite as this allows software updates and they need to be kept on. The children of the Eco-council reminded the whole school about the need to save energy.

Posted by: Sarah on 11th December 2018

What's Under Your Feet?

Members of our eco-council went out this morning to carry out an invertebrate survey and a bird survey. The children found 6 worms measuring 0-2cm, 8 worms measuring 2-4cm, 4 worms measuring 6-8cm and 4 worms measuring 8-10cm. In addition they found one slug and one centipede. They carried out their investigation in the school playing field and we have clay soil which was damp as it had been a day since it last rained. The day was cloudy and the children found 3 Wagtails and 21 Blackbirds. 6 House Sparrows, 1 Wren, 1 Starling, 3 Gulls and 4 Pied Wagtails were also spotted.

Posted by: Eden Primary School on 30th June 2016

What's Under Your Feet?

Yesterday P4 and P7 Eco-council members went digging in the playing field. We carried out a survey on a section of the field looking for invertebrates - bugs and worms in particular. We were a little disappointed as we only found 5 worms and no other creatures. We also carried out a bird study and found no birds landing on our field. We did however see birds flying around but none rested on our field. Our results were not as good as those in the autumn term, maybe it was just too cold for the animals this term.

Posted by: Eden Eco Council on 10th March 2016

Bugs, birds and biodiversity

Last week we went outside on a great day to count the number of worms and other insects we had in our playing fields. We discovered 30 worms in the ground. We recorded each of there lengths and discovered most of them were 4cm or shorter. We only found one beetle. This week we counted the birds and recorded two magpies, two crows and one seagull. It was great fun!!

Posted by: Eden Eco Council on 21st October 2015