ECO leader jobs

Posted by: Arrayan on 22nd September 2023

Today we were given our first ECO jobs! I have been an ECO leader for a few days now, but I wasn't getting any asignments or jobs to do. It all started this morning, i was walking to my class but one of my teachers said "Come to the studio at 1:45". 1 hour after lunch play, she came again and said "Can we have all ECO leaders please". Because I was now an ECO leader, I BURST into excitement!! We then walked walked to the studio and discussed what jobs we had like, sorting out compost bins, campaign planning, litter picking, planting fruits and veggies and lots more!!! We also discussed what we were going to do through out the year like taking trips and making asseblys. After that we came out of the stidio and looked at the compost bins where there were a lot of wasps and took a look at them while our teacher explained what we were going to do with them. After that it was home time and I was so exicted for the next meeting and ready to help the environment. Stay tuned for the next blog!😎

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