Under Our Feet

Posted by: Ken on 2nd November 2020

Our Year 3 group took part in the "Whats under your feet" campaign in the final week of school before half term. They had a great time investigating and seeing what they could find. We used 2 plots of 30cm x 30cm, one of which was under a tree and one which wasn't. Our results were very similar in numbers but the size difference of the worms were very different. Patch 1 found 29 worms, 3 centipedes, 1 earwig and 3 grubs. The worms from this patch had high numbers in the 2-4cm bracket and the 4-6cm bracket. The longest worm we found in this patch was a whopping 14cm! Patch 2 found 24 worms, 1 centipede, 1 earwig and 3 maggots. The worms from this patch were much smaller in size with the overwhelming majority in the 0-2cm bracket. The longest worm from this patch was 12cm in length. The children enjoyed the experiment so much that they are now counting down to the next dig already!

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