It's nearly What's Under Your Feet Week!

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3 reasons why you should join in...

We’re helping the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) understand the impact of climate change on birds across the UK – and we want you to join in.

It’s a fun, outdoors activity for students and a chance for the school to get involved in a national citizen science campaign, helping young people understand the local impact of topical issues, like climate change.

Why get involved?

1 Great end-of-term activity

What better excuse to get outdoors in the summer months than to take part in a hands-on science project involving sampling, measuring and observations? It’s easy to get started, you can link the project to your curriculum or topic-based teaching, and there’s no limit on how many students can take part.

2 Your school will be making a difference

More than 2,300 schools have already signed up to help the BTO, so you’ ll be in good company. And it’s exciting to contribute to real scientific research! Every school that shares their results with us will be credited in a research paper to be published by the BTO and read by scientists all over the world.

3 Get a limited-edition poster

We have all the resources you need to take part, including a handy checklist, lesson plan, recording sheets and even a short video explaining what you need to do. PLUS: sign up before 16 June and we’ll send you a free giant poster that reveals what the scientists have learnt from the data schools have provided so far.

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