Pod Campaigns

Our campaigns inspire young people to take action – They can be led by students themselves which is an essential criterion for an eco-school award.

We have lots of resources to make taking part easy, fun, impactful and rewarding. Join in and put your school on our campaign map.

Key campaign dates for your school diary

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What's under your feet?
Switch Off Fortnight
Waste Week
All year round
Helping Hands

Switch Off Fortnight 2016 - November

1415Schools/groups are joining in

This curriculum linked campaign is designed to be student led. We have a huge selection of resources to help engage the whole school.

The first 2500 schools to sign up, will receive a free pack - including posters, badges and stickers.

What's Under Your Feet? - Oct/March/June

2010Schools/groups are joining in

Our Citizen Science activity run in collaboration with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), will help investigate the impacts that climate change is having on birds across the UK.

Students will be examining soil samples, counting grubs, and surveying birds.

Suitable for primary and secondary aged students.

Sign up to take part.

Waste Week 2017 - March

98Schools/groups are joining in

Be Waste Smart and join in with our national Waste Week campaign from 6th-10th March 2017.

Get Smarch - change the way you think about waste!

Helping Hands - All year round

889Schools/groups are joining in

This campaign aims to get young people to see the real and positive changes they can make by connecting with their local community.