Upcycling Competition - top tips to inspire your students

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Breaking News... Entry Form now live!

What could you design and make from old gardening equipment and tools?

Our upcycling competition is a fantastic opportunity for young people to apply their technological skills and knowledge to a practical challenge – and explore ways of reusing waste materials in a creative context. It’s open to students at schools and groups signed up to Waste Week 2017.

Not sure where to begin? These top tips will help you get started:

1. Take inspiration from your local environment

Upcycling inspiration can be found everywhere! Take a closer look at the world around you.. You might be surprised by what you discover.

2. Rethink the tools you have

Turn them upside down, twist them inside out… take them apart if you can! Artists show us something new by taking a fresh look at the world – why not do it too?

3. Give yourself a brief

Instead of questioning what you could make from the tools available, ask yourself what you’d like to make – and then use the tools you’ve got to produce it. Sometimes, a tight design brief can inspire the most creative solution.

The upcycling competition has two categories: for 4-11s and for 11-16s. Each has a top prize of £300, with runner-up prizes of 2 x £100 and 4 x £50 available (all prizes are in the form of Amazon vouchers). Each entry will also be placed into a draw to win a gardening voucher.

Download an entry form

Good luck!

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