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Case Studies

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Helping Hands at St John's Primary and Nursery School

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Students joined up with a local community group to help preserve a park, with wide reaching benefits… Read more

Okehampton College

Posted by: Jane at the Pod

How one school's energy-saving initiatives have led to a £88,000 annual cost saving, plus increased STEM take up… Read more

Holy Family Primary

Posted by: Emily at the Pod

The Eco-team audited the waste for the POD activity Lunchtime Crunchtime. We used part of the POD resources to make our own power point to show to year 3. This was uploaded on to our school Lunchtime Crunchtime blog… Read more

St John Vianney RC Primary School

Posted by: Emily at the Pod

Our Pod work has been very successful over the last two years. We have received two bronze medals for our work involving Waste and Energy and more recently, a silver medal for our 'Switch Off Fortnight' campaign.… Read more

Hawes Side Primary School

Posted by: Emily at the Pod

The... Blog... is their work, their learning, their opinions and ideas which are used. They drive the content and in most cases they upload the content.… Read more

Lutley Primary School

Posted by: Emily at the Pod

Keeping the whole school informed about developments is very important and making sure children are involved as much as possible is vital.… Read more

Showing results 1-6 of 14