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Ballard Bee Blog - Part 4

Having decided on a site for the hive(s), we have gone ahead and bought beekeeping suits, ready for when the bees arrive! Here are 3 of the Ballard Eco-Ambassadors, modelling the suits... We can't wait to welcome our little visitors!

Posted by: Alex on 20th October 2019

Ballard Bee Blog - Part 3

Mr Bellars has liaised with Mr Povey, the Site Manager, Mr Whitbread, the Director of Sport and Mrs Munro, the Bursar, and the final site for the Ballard Bees has been finalised! We are going to put them on the far field, near the lone pine tree in the far right hand corner... To start with, we will be "bee-sitting" the Lopez-Dunning family's bees, with a view to getting our own afterwards.

Posted by: Alex on 20th October 2019

Ballard Bee Blog - Part 2

We had a first visit from our friendly Bee Expert, John Williams (no, not that one...) to hear a bit about what sort of hive we should get, and where we should put them. We took him for a walk round the school grounds to decide on the best site, and have narrowed it down to 2 possibilities. Now we just need to speak to the relevant managers to make our final decision...

Posted by: Alex on 20th October 2019

Ballard Bee Blog - part 1

Exciting news for the Ballard School Eco Ambassadors... We have been given permission to start a Beekeeping Project at school! More to come... watch this space!

Posted by: Alex on 20th October 2019

Eco Board Game

We are making an Eco Board Game in our English lessons this week, we played a few board games first to get an idea for what to do. My group (Me, Gabriel and Harry) decided to do a Trading Card Game, TCG called Trash Attack. The idea of the game is that you collect cards and play, we made stats for each card which will be used in the actual game to determine who will win the matchup. We came up with lots of characters such as Ro-Bin, a man who was once a soldier and had his brain transplanted into a bin, now a bin set on destroying all polluting enemies. The cards have types which will mean they are effective to certain types and weak to certain types such as metal is weak to water because water will help rust the metal. We also made lots of special ability cards which will boost the cards stats to overpower the other player and win however you can only have 3 ability cards per game to suit your cards in the deck. A deck will consist of 5 character cards. It is still a work in progress so a few rules will change.

Posted by: Christien on 5th July 2017

Our "What's Under Your Feet?" Project

As part of the "What's Under Your Feet Week" we dug 2 30cm x 30cm x 5cm cuboids in our school grounds, one in cut grass and maintained areas and one in a not so well maintained area. And so we dug our 2 holes and counted how many worms and other invertebrates were in our square of dirt. We managed to find that the square of less well maintained dirt had a lot more creepy crawlies than our well maintained dirt by quite a large margin. The maintained dirt had 2 earthworms and no other invertebrates, whereas the less maintained dirt had 14 earthworms and invertebrates. As you can see there is a very considerable margin between these two places and we hope this helps with the survey.

Posted by: Christien on 4th July 2017

day one

I have a great day today i because we went outside. Also we did some physics about dung rolling down a hill, how long it takes for the dung to get to the bottom of a hill. At the end of the day we played bored games.

Posted by: kit on 3rd July 2017

Day 1

Day 1 was fun because we did some ECO activities. Today we: drew a copse then and now, then we learnt about dung beetles pulling big dung and lastly we played some board games to give us some ideas to make an ECO board game.

Posted by: Gaabrriel on 3rd July 2017

improving our ballard copse

This morning we had our own Ballard copse and we had to improve it. There were broken bridges and streams full of litter. we had to draw an improved version of our Ballard copse then label the changes and colour it in. we had a lot of fun doing this project and there are more projects to do.

Posted by: hannah on 3rd July 2017