What you need to know about Waste Week

Why take part?

It's simple to organise, something the whole school can get involved with and be inspired by and is a great way to involve parents and the local community. It's also a fun way to give students awareness of wider issues not just in the UK, but globally.

We have an abundance of resources to help you, from assembly presentations, lesson plans, games and movies, all with cross curricular links.

What do you have to do?

  1. Tell us you're taking part - being able to show students the scale of the activity is something that really engages them
  2. Use your free pack to decorate the school, plan the campaign and reward your students
  3. Use the multi-media Pod resources to teach students why reducing waste is important
  4. You can scale the campaign to suit your school or group - if you're short on time, why not dedicate one day to inspire everyone to cut back on waste and join in on Thursday 9th March - Use Less Stuff Day
  5. Our campaigns are designed to be student led to support an Eco-Schools application. This will also help give students valuable skills and experience, such as running and planning meetings etc.

When do I do it?

Join in with hundreds of other schools during the week of 6th - 10th March 2017 or run the campaign at any time during March , whatever suits you.


"It was a great week to add to the whole school awareness of sustainability. Our school takes pupils from 3-13 and trying to get all three departments engaged can be tricky but everyone eats lunch so it was a great place for us to start. Many thanks for all the ongoing work you do to provide useful resources for us" - Prestfelde School

"As always it was a pleasure to take part in your campaign, helping the whole school and community to work together as a team and get involved. The resources are brilliant and inspire everyone to get involved. Thank you so much for all of your help and support!!" - Hindley St. Peter's C. of E. Primary School

"The pupils in the class ranged from 11-17 years with the senior pupils using this as part of their SQA National 1 Unit, Reduce Reuse Recycle, so it was very useful helping towards that. Because there was such a lot of physical activities involved it was appropriate for the pupils. They loved the bright posters and were intrigued by the graphics. We presented our work at assembly and got other pupils and staff to use the recycling bins." - Rosslyn School, Fife

Join in today to access these great resources!