Helping Hands

Join in with our new youth volunteering campaign and help your students take action to improve their communities.

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What you need to know about Helping Hands

Why take part?

It's a chance to make a difference, get young people connected with their local community and making a really positive change to people's lives.

What do you have to do?

  1. Tell us you're taking part and we'll send you a display board pack to help recruit and inspire volunteers.
  2. Use our starter presentation to tell the whole school how volunteering can make a difference, and how they can be part of it.
  3. Decide what you want to do. Download our 'Getting Started Top Tips' resource for some ideas and useful links.
  4. Tell us what you're going to do by adding a blog to the Pod (this will help inspire many more people around the UK to help too).
  5. Work out how and when you're going to do your Helping Hands activity and what you need (people and materials),
  6. Complete your Helping Hands activity!
  7. Come back to the Pod to tell us what you've done, how long you spent and what a difference it's made, and we'll send you certificates to award your students, plus a bronze, silver or gold medal!

When do I do it?

You can take part at any time of year that suits you.

The volunteering needs to take place outside of lesson time, for example after school, at the weekend or in the holidays. It could still be organised in school time though.


Here's what one parent said when we told her about the campaign

" This is such a brilliant idea - I LOVE it! I've been thinking a lot about all these issues recently in my own community as there are so many things in the village where 'helping hands' are needed (ie. lack of volunteers for toddler group running, Beavers, going to see old folks in the home etc). I think much of the lack in our village can be attributed to the fact that, mostly, both parents work now, and are home late, so there aren't the parents around to run the child-related after school clubs and preschool clubs. I've been thinking about how me and the boys can make a more positive contribution to the community - I've started doing volunteer reading to my son's class and we've all just started doing 'missions' in this cool book by Bernadette Russell called 'Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy'."