Our curriculum-linked campaigns are the most popular feature of the Pod. They get the whole school working together and inspired to take action. They can also be led by students, which is an essential criterion for an Eco-School Award.

We have lots of resources to make taking part easy, fun, impactful and rewarding. 

Waste Week 2021

Join hundreds of schools across the UK, and around the world that will be taking part in March. We're encouraging schools to participate between 8-14th, but you can pick a week that best suits you.

This year the focus is plastic - an amazing resource, but one we all need to think more carefully about. How can people help solve the problem of plastic waste?

Our curriculum-linked resources explore plastic - its good points, the challenges it presents for our environment and practical ways in which everyone can help. 

We have everything you need to make your Waste Week fun, rewarding, measurable and easy to take part in. 

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What's Under Your Feet? 2020/21

Help scientists at the British Trust for Ornithology understand the relationship between climate, the availability of invertebrates and how this impacts UK bird numbers and their migration patterns.

It’s easy to take part and children will love being citizen scientists and working outside of the classroom. 

What do you need to do?

  1. Sign up to take part 
  2. Conduct a dig and soil/invertebrate survey in October, March and June*
  3. Upload your data to the Pod here 

Download all the resources you need, including; lesson plan, assembly, information pack and short instructional films. 

Find the Invertebrate Survey Recording Sheet here. 

*You can take part in any or all of the digs, but the scientists need as much data as possible.

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Switch Off Fortnight 2020

Join in our most popular and longest-running campaign! Covid-19 might make this year’s Switch off Fortnight a little different, but it won’t stop us celebrating saving energy between 16-27 November. You can also adapt the campaign to suit your school’s circumstances – and do as much or little as you want.

Switch Off Fortnight is a fun and rewarding campaign. Plus it could help your school cut carbon emissions, save energy* and achieve an Eco-School award!

* The average energy saving reported by schools taking part in Switch Off Fortnight is 10%

585 Schools/groups have already signed up
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