How we travel to school

Posted by: Mrs Ward on

As we are learning about transport in Reception at the moment, we carried out a survey of how we get to school. I am pleased to say that approximately 63% of children come to school in some way other than by car. 41% currently walk, 9% take the bus and approximately 13% come by taxi or car share their journey to school.
We looked on a map to see where we live and the majority of us live within walking distance, so we are going to introduce walk to school Wednesday to try to increase our walking figures further!

How we get to school

How we get to school

How we get to school

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  • Posted by: Carole P on

    Our Reception Class are also studying transport and as we are situated near to the river Thames, we took them on a local walk to count how many different types of transport we could see in an hour. The children were thrilled when we got to Teddington Lock and they saw river boats and a ferry. We also saw 6 red buses, lots of cars, vans, bicycles, motorbikes and a black London cab!

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