Mission World Wide Web Assembly

Join with Detective Dot and the Children's Intelligence Agency to build a team of undercover agents, whose aim is to stay hidden from online baddies, send top secret messages and make sure intel isn't fake!

A colourful, engaging presentation aimed and bringing classes together as a team, using creative thinking to bring awareness to safety online. Use as an introduction to the Mission World Wide Web lesson plan and wider activity. 

Plus - we also have a handy Mission World Wide Web Assembly Script to guide you through the slides.

If you haven't already - sign up to the activity here to get a free Mission Resource Pack which includes an A3 poster, stickers, 35 agent cards and a Detective Dot Adventure book for your class!*


*Please note we have a limited number of our free Mission Resource Packs, they are given on a first come first serve basis for UK primary schools.

Download (9 mb)
  • Age groups: 7-11s
  • Subjects: Computing, Mathematics, Science
  • Topics: Other