New Climate Science activity launched

The Pod

Carbon Cycle Capers

Working with the Met Office we have now launched our second Climate Science activity, Carbon Cycle Capers. In this new activity students learn about how carbon moves throughout the climate system in the exciting illustrated story of Casey the carbon atom.

Our easy guide to taking part in this activity

Carbon Cycle Capers ages 7-11 >>>

Carbon Cycle Capers ages 11-14 >>>

  • Download the resources that support the activity such as the lesson plan, presentation, teachers activity pack and carbon cycle information pack
  • Test out the interactive sinks and sources game
  • To start the activity click on the orange 'Run start audit' button
  • Once the activity is started there are 5 questions for you to test your students knowledge before you start the activity (remember not to give away the correct answers as you will re-test your students again at the end)
  • Enter the results of the test and then choose your class name for the activity
  • Now you are ready to deliver the lesson and presentation on Casey the carbon atoms journey through the climate system
  • To maximise interaction with this activity, encourage students to play the interactive game. Why not create your own leaderboard in class and see who can get the top score?
  • To increase yor chances of winning a top Pod medal blog about what you have been doing for the activity and who's at the top of the leaderboard, include pictures and videos too
  • Once you have delivered the lesson, presentation and students have played the interactive game click on the orange 'final audit' button
  • You will need to re-test your students on the same 5 questions again so you can see if their knowledge on the carbon cycle has improved.
  • Once you have entered theese results the activity will be complete, return to your blog and click the orange 'submit for a medal' button.

We hope that you enjoy this new activity, if you have any questions or would like to provide us with feedback please contact us.