Campaign Wall

Switch Off Fortnight officially launched at Westley Middle!

Our Eco-Committe have created, copied and displayed an array of posters to remind the Westley Community to switch off and save energy!

Raksha | 19th Nov 2017

Forest School

The children in year 1 are enjoying their Forest School sessions every Wednesday morning. Next week we are having a fire- photos to follow. We are very excited.

Lucy Ann | 18th Nov 2017

Switch Off Fortnight 2017

Our Eco Warriors ( 24 of them ) have completed an audit on Wednesday 15th November. We will be presenting a whole assembly on Tuesday 21st November to kick start our campaign. We will be linking it to now important it is to save energy and how it has an imapct on our local and global community.

Lucy Ann | 18th Nov 2017

Westley pledges to Switch Off for a fortnight!

What a fantastic launch to the campaign - the Y8 Eco Committe representatives presented an assembly which outlined the aims of the the fortnight! So hopefully we can save some energy, save mone and save the planet!

Raksha | 17th Nov 2017

Macmillan Academy- Switch Off Fortnight 2017

Here at Macmillan Academy we are preparing to switch on to Switch Off! Our Eco-Squad have been finding out how many empty rooms still have lights and overhead projectors on. We are hoping to reduce this next week with the all school focus of Switching Off! We will have an energy saving display in the library and students can get a sticker when taking out a book to read on a sustainability theme.

Miriam | 17th Nov 2017

Switch off Fortnight

Our STEM/Eco Clubbers have been very busy putting up posters for Switch off Fortnight. we're raising awareness for our campaign that starts next week!

Alexandra | 16th Nov 2017

Planning the Switch off fortnight activities

Today the Switch off fortnight campaign started in Key Stage 1 with a launch assembly. A similar assembly will take place in Key Stage 2 tomorrow. All classes are going to audit the use of electrical appliances and lights in heir classrooms and cloakrooms on Monday. Year 6 eco warriors will audit areas including libraries, halls, meeting rooms, offices. During the fortnight we plan to hold a Switch off as much as possible afternoon when there will be no computers, lights, smartboards etc turned on.

Catherine | 15th Nov 2017

Energy Audit

We turned off 60 lights that had been left on unecessarily. We closed 7 ouside doors to keep in the warmth. Raising energy awareness starts today!

Lesley | 15th Nov 2017

6 top tips to make your campaign a success

Switch Off Fortnight is nearly here... are you ready?

Emily | 15th Nov 2017

Switch off Fortnight

In our school currently, we have some energy saving measures in place. We have light sensors that turn on the lights when they pick up movement and turn off the lights after a period of inactivity. We have “switch off the lights when you leave” signs up around the building as you leave the rooms to remind staff to turn off the lights when they are not needed. We plan on Tweeting/ posting on our school website and making posters and maybe a video to encourage people to “Switch off” when they are not using lights, computers, technology. We will encourage ALL classes to spend at least 1 hour of their normal classroom time each day, outside/using less technology/ turning off the lights. We will have a monitor in each class who will be responsible for making sure the lights and computers / monitors are switched off when they are not in use- they will keep a note of times when things have been left on / switched off. We will ask staff to talk about it within the classroom and within their daily routine, have a points system for the classes to gain points each day when they have been “energy efficient” and there will be a prize for the class who have the most points at the end of the fortnight. Before switch off fortnight begins, we will carry out an energy audit to find out how many people are leaving things on standby and then each week the pupils will carry out the same audit to see if there has been an improvement. There will be spot checks on classes, carried out by chosen monitors and SLT to keep everyone on their toes. We will keep the monitors for each class in place after the fortnight ends and encourage them to remind the staff and pupils to keep them thinking about “switching off”.

Hazel | 14th Nov 2017

Energy Saving

Year 5 holding a meeting to discuss their energy saving plan. Year 1 - 6 will be encouraged to take part in 2017 energy saving fortnight. They will also take home energy saving tips and surverys to give to friends and family. Good luck everyone keep up the hard word!

caroline | 13th Nov 2017

What I think??

Hi my name is Aston i love playing on computer games. if i dont have electricity for a week i do extra work and play a lot of sport. At home when i have a power cut i will go outside and play football and going on my scooter and go to the park at school it will be fun without electricity for a week i will try my hardest without electricity. Im looking forward to it!!!!

Aston | 10th Nov 2017