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Big Country Clean Up

On Monday 5th March (to tie in with Waste Week(, our school will be launching the Big Country Clean Up. Once a month I will go out with a group of students into the surrounding countryside to collect litter and then bring it back to school where it can be recycled properly.

Chris | 16th Jan 2018

Looking after the birds in January

In January we check the nest boxes and this year we are going to make new ones to take home.We are feeding the birds regulalrly and getting ready for the Big Schools Birdwatch.

Terry | 16th Jan 2018

Recycle centre visit

I took a group of children to the recycle centre to see how we could recycle household waste such as plastic bottles.

Amanda | 9th Jan 2018

Clear up Walton day 9th March 2017

We had amazing afternoon cleaning up Walton. We took our bags and litter pickers and walked around the Walton area to help keep our local are tidy. We gave out leaflets that we had made telling people about the importance of keeping the area tidy. There was children, teachers, parents and a local MP that got involved in our lovely afternoon.

Amanda | 9th Jan 2018

Saving Energy

At school we have been learning about habitats and the environment. I want to help the environment by saving electric. So I am switching things off, at home and at school. At school we have been leaving the lights off and we haven't used the ipads. At home we have been turning all lights off that we are not using we kept the light off before school. Mummy has shown me how to turn off the tablet properly so it's off and not just sleeping to conserve the battery. I stead of watching tele, we saved energy by walking the dog and drawing.

Emelia | 30th Nov 2017

Energy Saving Fortnight

Year 5 are busy making finger flowers and setting challenges for their classmates to encourage everyone to save energy!

caroline | 30th Nov 2017

Switching off.

Every day when i get home from school i check that all the items are turned off at the plug if they're not being used.

Lexie | 29th Nov 2017

pod the blog

at home when we have dinner or whotever we turn the light of.

Toni | 29th Nov 2017

switch of fortnight

In ECO Club, at my school, we have being preparing for Switch OFF Fortnight. We hope lots of other schools will be taking part in this activity. We have already done an energy survey around our school. We have found quite a lot of lights left on, and are trying to stop this from happening. We have been doing assembelies to let teachers and students know, to not only remember to turn off the lights but to turn down the radiators and close windows. We hope other schools have done similar things to what we have done!

Alexa | 25th Nov 2017

Saving power

Today I got in from school and turned off everything that was switched on that my family wasn't using. As my dad was watching tv I couldn't turn that off.

charlieh | 23rd Nov 2017


I got documents thank you so much

Ayhan | 22nd Nov 2017

Jumpers & Slippers

To save engery (and money) as a family, we have been wrapping up for winter. Rather than sitting around bare-foot in shorts with the heating on, we have been putting on a jumper and finding our slippers!

victor | 21st Nov 2017