Switch Off Fortnight 2018

Switch Off Fortnight took place in November this year. 

Don't forget to complete your end energy audit, so that you can measure the impact of your campaign and share it with the whole school. 

We have a limited number of energy pin badges to send to schools who complete both the first and end energy audits plus this short form. Numbers are limited, and there are 30 badges per class. 

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How Switch Off Fortnight Works

Week 1 – background research and campaign design

·         Students learn why it’s important to try to save energy.
·         They go undercover and complete a school audit to find out where energy is being wasted
·         Using the resources available on the Pod, and ones they create themselves – they plan a campaign that will help persuade everyone in school to try to use less energy.
·         At the end of this week, they put up posters and plan a weeks energy saving activity

Week 2 - campaign activation – spreading the word!

·         Students activate their campaign – perhaps starting with a whole school assembly
·         During the week – the school holds activities that will help everyone get involved with energy saving – e.g. rewards for the class who is the best at remembering to turn off electrical appliances and lights, when they’re not being used.
·         At the end of the week – the students complete a second school audit, to find out how behaviour has changed.
·         Students share the results with the school and encourage everyone to keep up the good work all year round

Why take part?

Last year, some schools who took part managed to reduce their energy consumption by up to 70%, with the median energy saving of all schools who told us about their savings - being 10%.


  • It fits in really well with lessons across the curriculum, Plus, teachers tell us:
  • It's simple to organise
  • It's fun for students
  • It's something the whole school can get involved with
  • Plus it's a way to connect with parents and the local community 

Switch Off Fortnight is a good way to cut your school's energy bills. It can be led by a group of students and is designed to help you achieve an Eco-Schools award. It's completely up to you how involved you want to get - you could run a full fortnight of activities or simply introduce the topic with an assembly.

We have lots of ideas and resources to help, whatever you decide to do:

  • Lesson plans
  • Factsheets
  • Presentations
  • Games
  • Quick activities
  • Films and more

Remember to tell us you'll be joining in...young people love being part of something big!

It's only by telling us you're taking part that we can show the scale of the campaign. Sign up today and we'll be sure to keep you posted as new resources are launched.

PLUS...reward your class's efforts with an energy pin badge by completing the first and end energy audits to see how much energy you've saved (and complete our short survey to give your contact details). 

Here's what teachers who have taken part before think:

"It was well thought out, fun and interesting to the children. They wanted to find out more and the resources helped them."

"We loved the way it inspired the children to think about where energy came from and what they could do to save it."

"Exciting activities that all could be involved in especially the lesson plans across all subjects. We did some in STEM club too, calculating how much they could power etc."

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