What's Under Your Feet Campaign - Part 1 - October 2018

Posted by: Charlotte on 30th October 2018

On Wednesday 17th October, the Garlinge Eco Reps investigatedte invertebrates that were in our soil. We split up into two groups and explored two different areas in the school. This is what we found overall: 1 slug, 4 centipedes/millipedes, 5 spiders, 5 ants, 1 earwig, 3 worms and 1 unknown type of louse. Our efforts were observed by 10 herring gulls and 2 magpies! We really enjoyed delving into the soil beneath our feet and we hope that our findings are useful to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). We look forward to the next part of our campaign which will take place in March and are curious to see what differences the soil may hold.

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