Met Office

The Met Office and EDF Energy are working together, through the Pod, to help educate young people about weather and climate science.

Met office

You’ve probably heard of the Met Office from daily weather bulletins on television, on radio and online. But our forecasting goes much further than this.

As pioneers in weather and climate forecasting, we predict the weather for today, tomorrow, next week and next season. We also look further ahead at how the climate may change over the coming decades.

Our weather forecasts help to keep the UK moving every day on land and by sea, and protect anyone taking to the air. Around the world, our knowledge of the weather and climate informs the decisions and policies of businesses and governments. Our defence services support the UK’s armed forces at home and abroad.

We’re on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We’re committed to helping children better understand weather and climate science, making it engaging at primary and secondary school levels. We provide a range of teaching materials based on the National Curriculum that can be downloaded from our website. These resources aim to develop knowledge and enrich learning experiences.

Working with the Pod

The Met Office and EDF Energy are working together through the Pod, to develop a set of resources and activities to help educate young people about weather and climate science. These new teaching materials will also help explain how every day activities can play a big part in helping to protect the environment.