Waste Week 2017

Day 1

We want young people to get creative and use their design and engineering skills – upcycling old gardening equipment and tools into something new!

The competition is open to all schools and groups that have signed up to take part in Waste Week 2017. You can enter students as individuals, small teams or a whole class. Alternatively, parents can enter their children (as long as the school is signed up to take part in Waste Week).

Download the Entry Form >>>

Entry criteria

The finished object should be:

  • innovative and/ or easily replicated
  • you should be able to clearly see what the item was made from
  • designed to last (otherwise it could end up in landfill anyway)
  • Plus, please make sure that you consider health and safety.

Submit your completed entry form with a photo of your creation before midnight on 10 March 2017.

Each category has a top prize of £300, with runners up prizes of 2 x £100 and 4 x £50. All prizes will be in the form of Amazon vouchers and awarded to the school, not the individual. Plus, each entry will be placed into a draw to win a gardening voucher.

From wellies to watering cans there are many items that can be upcycled – see below for some inspiration and start collecting your old tools and gardening equipment now!

Download the Entry Form >>>

There are two age categories: 4-11 years and 11-16 years.

Don’t forget the deadline for entering the competition is midnight on 10 March 2017.

Day 1
Thanks to the following for their inspiring ideas: www.decoratorsnotebook.co.uk/blogs/blog/tagged/styling-ideas; www.facebook.com/MarMarDachshundCreations/; www.plaidonline.com/clay-pot-critters/4516/project.htm; www.neverblueforge.com; www.fredrikpaulsen.com/Garden-Table; www.davidkemp.uk.com; http://orkneyflowers.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/hen-dinnae-chuck-yer-wellies-in-bin.html