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Starting anew

Posted by: Chess on

We have not been active on the website but we have been active in the school with litter picking, growing veg and saving energy. SO now we will start ...… Read more


Helping Hands

Eco Board Game

Posted by: Christien on

We are making an Eco Board Game in our English lessons this week, we played a few board games first to get an idea for what to do. My group (Me, Gabri...… Read more


What's Under Your Feet?

my bug hunt

Posted by: Daniel on

today was really fun we went bug hunting and we found lots of worms and different types of animals we found maggots and i hate maggots but it was real...… Read more

Climate science

What's Under Your Feet?

Our "What's Under Your Feet?" Project

Posted by: Christien on

As part of the "What's Under Your Feet Week" we dug 2 30cm x 30cm x 5cm cuboids in our school grounds, one in cut grass and maintained areas and one i...… Read more


What's Under Your Feet?

day one

Posted by: kit on

I have a great day today i because we went outside. Also we did some physics about dung rolling down a hill, how long it takes for the dung to get to ...… Read more


What's Under Your Feet?

Day 1

Posted by: Gaabrriel on

Day 1 was fun because we did some ECO activities. Today we: drew a copse then and now, then we learnt about dung beetles pulling big dung and lastly w...… Read more


improving our ballard copse

Posted by: hannah on

This morning we had our own Ballard copse and we had to improve it. There were broken bridges and streams full of litter. we had to draw an improved v...… Read more


Trips Week - Eco Team

Posted by: Mr Bellars on

This week, Y5-8 are away on trips but some pupils have decided to stay in school - and so we are doing a special project over the course of the week. ...… Read more


Switch Off Fortnight 2017

Riverview is saving energy

Posted by: Mrs Lewis on

Our Energy police are about reminding everyone to switch off when not in need. If the room is empty then the last person out should switch off. We are...… Read more

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